Winterized Tachyon Extracts Shatter — Special Blends


Winterized Tachyon Extracts Shatter — Special Blends

Try our winterized specialty blend shatter, expertly crafted with care and experience to deliver the perfect balance of quality and unique flavor.

Winterization is the process of removing all residual solvents, waxes, and fats from the product to ensure an “absolute” product free of impurities.

Through seasoned craftsmanship, an exhaustive purging process, and an extensive cold-filtration process carried out within a temperature controlled sub-zero environment, Doctor Shatter ensures a pure and clean product that is easy on your lungs and safer for consumption.

Choose from:

Crackstar (God’s Green Crack blended with Rockstar) (OUT OF STOCK)

Bubba Pink (Bubba Kush blended with Pink Kush)

Bluecrack (Blue Dream blended with God’s Green Crack) (OUT OF STOCK)

1 gram for $40
Eighth (3.5) for $125

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