Tachyon Extracts Shatter Pack (3.5g)


Tachyon Extracts Shatter Pack

Can’t make up your mind on which shatter to choose? Like variety? Don’t worry, Tachyon Extract’s Shatter Pack provides six different types of shatter at a discount price of only $115.

.5g x Pink Kush Shatter (Winterized)
.5g x Tahoe OG Shatter (Winterized)
.5g x Tuna Kush Shatter (Winterized)
.5g x Purple Kush Shatter (Regular)
.5g x Rockstar Shatter (Regular)
1g x Pink Kush Liquid Shatter (Liquid/Winterized)


(Note: Strains received might differ given stock. However, any strain that is substituted, will only ever be substituted for a strain of at least the same value. ie. If a winterized strain is subbed out, it will be replaced with another winterized strain, not a regular strain)

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