Strawberry Banana Kush Shatter (Little Farma) – 50% OFF – $25/g


Strawberry Banana Kush Shatter – Little Farma Labs

Note: This product has destabilized, affecting the physical consistency, thus the discounted price. However the quality still stands. With this in mind, all sales are finale.

Little Farma shatters are made using instrument-grade distilled n-butane and purged in an across-international oven for 24 hours to ensure all residual butane is expulsed from the extract. This process provides a clean and concentrated shatter that retains the properties of the originating cannabis strain. The result is a clear and vibrant product guaranteed to deliver bursting flavour and efficient results.

Material: premium nugrun

Effects: relaxation and happiness

Taste: sweet and flowery

Medicinal Effects: Stress and pain relief

Bhogart BFE Extraction, 99.999% n-butane

Vacuum Purged A.I. 16cuft Oven

note: consistency is pull and snap

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Regular Price – 1g  for $50

Sale Price – 1g  for $25

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