Strawberry Banana Kush Shatter (Little Farma)


Strawberry Banana Kush Shatter – Little Farma Labs

Little Farma shatters are made using instrument-grade distilled n-butane and purged in an across-international oven for 24 hours to ensure all residual butane is expulsed from the extract. This process provides a clean and concentrated shatter that retains the properties of the originating cannabis strain. The result is a clear and vibrant product guaranteed to deliver bursting flavour and efficient results.

Material: premium nugrun

Effects: relaxation and happiness

Taste: sweet and flowery

Medicinal Effects: Stress and pain relief

Bhogart BFE Extraction, 99.999% n-butane

Vacuum Purged A.I. 16cuft Oven

note: consistency is pull and snap

Other Strains Available:

1g  for $50