Greasy Pink (PLATINUM) (Clearance sale/ Budderized)


PLATINUM SERIES – Greasy Pink Winterized Shatter

Tachyon Extract’s Greasy Pink (PLATINUM) is strong—Mike Tyson right hook strong. A choice pick if you’re looking for something exceptionally medicating to relieve stress, pain, loss of appetite, or insomnia. You won’t find any Indica-dominant strain quite like it; its pure strength and quality places it in the higher echelon of picks for many a cannabis connoisseur.

Expect powerful and heavy body-focused effects followed by a sense of relaxation.

Note: All PLATINUM products are crafted using only the best of flower—Quad nugs caked in crystal and full of flavour—and undergo intensive Winterization: the process of removing all residual solvents, waxes, and fats from the product to ensure an “absolute” product free of impurities.