NO COMPROMISE: the Platinum philosophy

Platinum Series concentrates are all made with one sole directive in mind—no compromise.

From the selection of source flower, to the skilled craftsmanship, and up until the moment the product reaches your hands, Tachyon Extracts ensures that the highest possible quality is rigorously maintained.

Platinum sets the stage for what it means to be a premium tier concentrate.

But don’t take our word for it. Take off with Tachyon today, and experience the wonderful quality, flavour, and potency that Platinum Series has to offer. 



Tachyon Extract’s Platinum Series  only uses the best of source material—Large cherry picked flowers (AAAA), bursting with flavour and crystals. Platinum means premium quality, and that means no trim.


God’s Green Crack, Moby Dick, and Blackberry Kush are just the beginning. Platinum is an ever-evolving lineup of concentrates, and new strains will be added regularly.

First contact has been made, but this is only the beginning. Beyond the horizon, and among the stars, beautiful, diverse, and otherworldly species and strains fast approach.



All Platinum Series products undergo an intensive Winterization process. 

Winterization is the process of removing all residual solvents, waxes, and fats from the product to ensure an “absolute” product free of impurities.

Through seasoned craftsmanship, an exhaustive purging process, and an extensive cold-filtration process carried out within a temperature controlled sub-zero environment, Tachyon Extracts ensures a pure and clean product that is easy on your lungs and safer for consumption.



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